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wedge bolt with high qulity and goods price


 UNC ( 1/4* 9.5*23 mm~ 3/4*25*85 mm)metric( 6*8*25 mm~ 20*25*80 mm)and inch ( 1/4*8*25 mm~ 3/4*25*80 mm) Drop IN Anchor     

Function and scope of application

At present is mainly used in high-end architectural field abroad, such as Europe, America, Middle East, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries, in 2013 to enter the domestic market. Widely used in concrete embedment relevant work. Such as: building curtain wall, interior decoration, air conditioning, lights, billboards, TV wall, bathroom, kitchen utensils and (appliances) water and electricity, monitors and other related industries and fields.


1.Without co-rotating

2.Efficient assembly,Low expenditure

3. Easy installation

4.load immediately 



1.Drill a hole

2.Cleaning the hole and insert the bolt into the hole

3.Tighten the concrete anchor


We are the major manufacturer of anchor bolts in China.

We have the most advanced equipments and instruments.

Our products have all accessories you need for the hardware construction. Our products sell well in both demestic and overseas markets.

Our products could meet all the international standards.

the product:1)body:steel 

                      2)application:concrete or stone

                      3)high quality

                       4)favorable price

                       5)timely delivery

                       6)best service

 Technical Parameters:


Model Bit diameter Cement hardness 20.58MPa
Ultimate drawing force N Ultimate resistance to shear (N)
SHFA650 M6 5880 4900
SHFA855 M8 7840 7840
SHFA1065 M10 13720 13720
SHFA1275 M12 17150 19600

we promise:

1.high quality: Strict QC process and quality guaranteed 
2.favorable price:  lower and competitive price
3.timely delivery:20-30days after order confirmation service:  Prompt response;Any small problems happening will be solved at the most prompt time ;after-sales service.


Our company is a professional manfacturer of hardware fasteners. We are specificizing in the export business of fasteners which enjoys great popularity in the world market. You could contact us if any item is interest to you. We will do our best to meet you requirements.



 Our market


Northern America

Eastern Europe

Southern Aisa

Eastern Aisa

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Western Europe

Southeast Aisa

Middle Aisa


 Drop in anchor application



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